Health & Social Care

Extended Diploma

Careers related to studying Health and Social Care:

If you choose to study Health and Social Care, you will understand how the care sector impacts on health care and the responsibilities of care practitioners in order to meet the rights of service users. Health and Social Care students can be found in more or less every care industry ranging from nursing and midwifery to counselling and reflexology.

You could consider careers in: acupuncture, nursing, midwifery, osteopathy, teacher, social work and many more.

Course content:

Through studying this course, you will increase your power of knowledge and analysis of how the health care system is structured. You will also develop the ability to express yourself in written and oral forms and to learn how to apply your knowledge to the exam and coursework components of the course.

Entry requirements:

You must have achieved at least a grade 4 in GCSE English Language.

Subject specific events:

You will be encouraged and supported in completing enrichment in a placement to add value to your skills and knowledge.

Methods of study:

There are five lessons per week which are divided between a coursework unit and an exam in Year 12 and the same for Year 13. Teaching groups tend to be small, and the course is taught through a range of teaching and learning activities.

These strategies include group discussion (whole group, small group and pairs), close reading and scan reading. You will also prepare presentations (individual, paired or small group) and will report back on your findings. You will regularly have class debates and have a chance to voice your opinions.

Much of your work will be produced independently. However, there are frequent opportunities to share ideas either prior to, during or after written assignments. You should expect to complete approximately 5 hours of independent study outside of your lessons. This could include: reading, research, or other activities. In order for you to take full advantage of the course it is also recommended that you immerse yourself in the wider reading of any suggested reading from your Tutor and from the Social Sciences Discovery list.

Methods of assessment:

Two portfolios and two exams

You will have two exams in Y12 and complete two portfolios in Y13.