-English Homework

Year 7

1a. Heroes and Villains – Malala Yousafzai factfile
1b. Heroes and Villains – Malala Yousafzai autobiography
2a. Sci Fi – Aliens from science fiction to science fact
2b. Sci Fi – Brains, bionics and the future of bodies
3a. Novel – Why Reading Aloud is a Vital Bridge to Literacy
3b. Novel – Children are reading less than ever before
4a. Gothic – Frankenstein
4b. Gothic – App resurrects Frankenstein for the digital age
5a. Macbeth – The Scottish Play
5b. Macbeth – Resurrection of the Gothic
6a. Different Cultures – Identity Politics
6b. Different Cultures – Living in a Diverse Society

Year 8

1a. Detective Fiction – Conan Doyle
1b. Detective Fiction – Police Force

2a. Victorian Literature – Dickens’ Birthday Bash
2b. Victorian Literature – Poverty and Families in the Victorian Era
3a. Holiday and Travel – The Dark World of Tourism
3b. Holiday and Travel – Worldwide Rocket Travel
4a. War – The End of World War One
4b. War – Nuclear weapons
5a. Tempest – Why I believe Shakespeare Changed the World
5b. Tempest – Nature vs Nurture
6a. Novel – The Benefits of Reading
6b. Novel – Best Dressed Characters in Literature

Year 9

1a. Love and Hate – The stars were aligned
1b. Love and Hate – Roald Dahl

2a. Power and Conflict – Psychology of the Powerful
2b. Power and Conflict – Cameroon article
3a. Novel – The Year of the Books
3b. Novel – The English Language
4a. AIC – Capitalism
4b. AIC – Priestley’s Political Journey
4c. AIC – Coronavirus and Capitalism
5a. Non-fiction – We gave teenagers smartphones
5b. Non-fiction – Cancel Culture
5c. Non-fiction – How should parents teach kids about racism