Primary Liaison & Transition

We believe strongly in forming excellent links with our primary schools to support the smooth transition from primary to secondary education.

Our feeder primary schools are:

The year 5 pupils from our feeder schools spend a day with us taking part in Maths, Science and Technology and love experiencing our fantastic facilities.  Our science staff have visited some schools to support them with National Science Weekend our Year 10 sports leaders frequently hold events both at Rainford and go to our feeder primaries to support their sporting events.Our new cohort of Year 7 pupils spend a transition day with us as Year 6’s, where they get to experience a day in the life of a Rainford High student – moving around from lesson to lesson, experiencing a whole new range of subjects and seeing first hand what high schools are like at break and lunchtimes.For any pupils that don’t come from our feeder primary schools, we invite them in for an additional day of transition, giving them the opportunity to meet others in the same situation as we fully understand that joining a school when you don’t know anyone can be daunting.