Transition Information

Rainford High works closely with primary partners to offer a wide variety of transitional opportunities prior to young people joining our community. The range of opportunities include curriculum days and events, sporting opportunities and work across Design Technology and Performing Arts.  

We offer Open Evenings and tours for students who wish to join us at Rainford High and help you as a family decide if you wish to join our community. 

We are developing a transitional support system led by the schools transition lead to ensure over the periods of Year 5 and 6 we will get to have an understanding of your child well before they join our community at Rainford High.  

In Year 6, we offer a number of transition events to hopefully ensure you are ready to be part of our community when September arrives. This includes taster days and summer school as well as welcome events. When students start Rainford High there is an opportunity for a Year 7 transitional residential to build relationships and help the development of a year bond.  

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