To access the e-platform please follow the link here : Rainford E-Reading

For more information please read this letter: E-platform Introduction letter

Our Library is a welcoming space with all of the tools and resources to enrich and develop your knowledge.

As well as a wonderful collection of fiction titles, to extend learning and encourage reading for pleasure, you have an environment offering drop in ICT Facilities, a separate reference area for study, plus an online research facility, accessible to all students, for all subjects.

We are very proud of our Library and encourage you to use the space for quiet reading and quiet study.

Come and join us for our weekly clubs and activities such as Crafts, Games (we have some serious chess players!) and creative writing. We also run a Book Club after school on a Thursday until 4pm where students can share books they have enjoyed and also group read new titles producing book reviews for other students.

You will have an introduction to the Library on arrival at the school and all that there is to offer, including research skills and how to use the facilities. We encourage students to loan our books and help them to discover new authors and titles to expand their reading experience!

Apply to be a student Librarian where you will be given training to help take care of the Library and help to run the clubs and activities. This is a great opportunity to take ownership of the Library and have the experience of a role of responsibility in the school.

The Library is the centre of celebrations and promotions including, World Book Day, Poetry Month, Day of the Dead and National Storytelling Week, and cooperates with curriculum departments to embed project work and curriculum events such as Environment Awareness, Science Week and Art exhibitions.

The Library is open daily at break, lunch and after school until 4pm. We look forward to seeing you there!