Parent Pay

Why use ParentPay?

Our school online payment system gives you a more convenient and flexible way to pay school online and helps to keep your child safe. By making cashless payments you know that your money has reached the school safely.

You can view your account statement and payment history, check when payments need to be made and set alerts to tell you when to pay school online. Some schools also display their menu online or report which meal your child chose at lunchtime.

Cashless payments help your child’s school be more efficient as administration time in the school office is reduced.

How do I find ParentPay

Parent pay can be found by using the following link:
ParentPay Website

How do I activate my account?

You will need a username and a password to activate your account, these have been sent out to all parents, however, if you need this information again then please contact us by email us at [email protected] and it will be re-sent.

Click here to activate my account

Click here for instructions to help with activating your account.