Be Yourself – LGBTQ+

At Rainford our school ethos is:

Everyone Matters

We expect our community to be polite and respectful

Everyone Helps

We expect our community to make sensible choices

Everyone Succeeds

We expect our community to work hard


Every student and staff member is equal and we want everyone to receive the support that they need to be happy and successful.

As part of our LGBTQ+ support and developments we want every member of the community to:

Be proud to be yourself

We offer support to all students in our school community around LGBTQ+, whether they identify as being in the LGBTQ+ community or otherwise.

This support is coordinated by:

Senior Lead for LGBTQ+ Support – Mr Kenyon (Assistant Principal)

Operational Lead for LGBTQ+ Support – Mrs McCartney


How to access support:

  • If you need support with any issues, you can always log this on SHARP (See the SHARP button on the home page) and you can submit your concerns.
  • If you have a query relating to LGBTQ+ then you can email and Mrs McCartney will read your email and provide support or direct to the person who can help you. Alternatively, you can communicate with us by email if this is what you prefer.
  • Speak to your tutor or member of the pastoral team.
  • Attend the support group (Details shown below).
  • You can receive support from other members of our LGBTQ+ community – just email and we will look into this for you.

Everyone Matters Champions

We are currently training students in school to become Everyone Matters Champions, so if you would like to be one then please email Alternatively you can speak to Miss Quinn (school council leader) or one of the members of the school council for more information.

LGBTQ+ Support Group

If you want to speak to other students from our LGBTQ+ community or would like to speak to a staff member about LGBTQ+ and how you are feeling then please come to N111 on Thursday lunchtime (1:35 – 2:10pm) where Mrs McCartney and other students will be meeting to discuss issues and support.

This group is a LGBTQ+ group – it is a great way to make new friends and be yourself!

If would like to ask any questions then speak to Mrs McCartney or email and we will be in touch.

Transgender Policy

Please read our transgender policy to look at the support we offer.

Transgender Policy


Please see the below policies on our policies page for further information on LGBTQ+ support

  • Equality Policy
  • Anti-bullying Policy
  • Behaviour for Learning Policy
  • Uniform Policy
  • RSE Policy


Support Services and Links:

Local Support Groups:

The Proud Trust

Twitter –


Over the Rainbow – 01744 457243

Key Person – Emma

Gyro Liverpool

Support groups for parents

Arms Out

Manchester Parents Group



0808 801 0400

Stone Wall – Acceptance with exceptions

0800 0502020