School Trips

Educational visits are an important part of school life and student participation is widely encouraged at Rainford High.

We believe all students should have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities, including school trips, and this is underpinned by the school ethos: Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps, Everyone Succeeds.

To ensure visits can be made as safe as possible, Rainford High has a policy, procedure and guidance that informs staff about what they should consider when organising a visit.

To support staff, Rainford High also has an Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC). The EVC has the role of ensuring Rainford High’s duty of care for the health & safety of students while on educational trips and visits is complied with and all activities are risk assessed.

The types of Educational Visits provided at Rainford High include:

  • Local visits (library, town centre, college, universities)
  • Places of educational interest (farm, museum, sites of historical or geographical interest)
  • Other educational establishments
  • Enrichment/Reward trips
  • Evening visits (theatre, cinema, musical venue)
  • Residential centres and educational courses
  • Outdoor activity centres (Bushcraft centre)
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Abroad (enrichment and experience)

Recent trips abroad have included visits to Spain, France, Austria and Belgium.