At Rainford High, praising students is one of the key elements, which contributes to positive behaviour for learning and as such is an essential part of our day to day work with students.

We praise and recognise student’s respectfulness, positive choices and hard work by:

1) The League of Effort

Each lesson the class teacher awards students an effort score from 1-4, where

  • represents Excellent Effort
  • represents Good Effort
  • represents Effort Requires Improvement
  • represents Unacceptable Effort

When students receive a one (1), they are awarded a merit. If they receive one’s (1’s) consistently or have been exceptional then they may be issued an E-postcard.

Each half term, the lesson effort scores and merit scores are calculated and the League of Effort is generated and published.

2) E-post cards

Students are awarded E-postcards, which are emailed to both the student and parents, by staff to recognise their positive behaviour for learning and/or contribution to skill.

We have introduced E-postcards in September 2018 and student voice is telling us that students value the E-postcards. Each E-postcard issued is equivalent to 5 merits.

Criteria for Merits and E-postcards

  1. Everyone Succeeds- Academic
  • Students making a consistently good effort in a lesson or over a sequence of lessons.
  • Students making progress above expectation in a piece of work /activity or project.

Everyone Matters-Community Engagement

  • Students supporting activities which impact on the wider community
  • Students supporting whole school events

Everyone Helps-Helping others

  • Students helping others in any aspect of day to day school life
  • Students supporting others positively in their learning, in or beyond the classroom.

Merit Badges

The awarding of Badges as a celebration of success will continue with the following criteria and merits will “roll over” academic years. Badges will be awarded in celebration assemblies every half term.


  • To encourage good attendance and positive behaviour each tutor group will focus on the average tutor attendance and total number of merits earned on a weekly basis. A tutor of the week will be identified in respect of both of the above and this will be consolidated with a termly Merit Cup and Attendance Cup being awarded in each year group.
  • Every half term, each year group has a rewards assembly recognising student effort, contribution to school and improvement.
  • The school will continue to celebrate success through the annual rewards evening for each Year group.