Sanctions and Consequences

Behaviour Consequences


The following outlines how the severity of sanctions increase as behaviour becomes increasingly unacceptable, either through persistence or seriousness.

Sanctions are used by the school to challenge inappropriate behaviour and to support students in making the correct choices in line with the school ethos. Whilst the management of a student’s behaviour must take into account individual circumstances and needs, we expect students to follow our school ethos:

Everyone Matters
We expect our community to be polite and respectful
Everyone Helps
We expect our community to make sensible choices
Everyone Succeeds
We expect our community to work hard

In the classroom/out of the classroom

  1. First warning issued to student.
  2. Final Warning issued to student.
  3. Consequence issued – The student is issued an after school detention and is moved to another classroom.

If issues continue then patrol would be called to support in managing the student’s behaviour. 

After School Detentions

At Rainford we a run a ‘next day’ after school detention system. If a student receives an after school detention, they will be required to stay after school the next day in E001. A student can serve up to three issued after school detentions in a given evening.

Parents/carers will receive a text message that evening informing them of the detention or detentions.

After school we run three detentions per night:

Detention A: 3:25 – 3:45pm

Detention B: 3:45 – 4:05pm

Detention C: 4:05 – 4:25pm

If a student is placed on more than three after school detentions in a day, meaning they cannot serve them all the day after, then they will instead be placed in the Everyone Matters Centre the day after from 8:50am – 4:25pm.

Missing After School Detentions

If a student has only one after school detention in an evening and they miss it then they will be expected to complete the detention the day after. It will be rescheduled to the day after but they will be given an additional audit and after school detention for ‘missing their detention’. This means they will owe two detentions for the day after.

If they miss two or three detentions in an evening then they will be placed into the Everyone Matters Centre from 8:50am – 4:25pm the next day.

In addition, if a student is issued more than 3 after school detentions in a day then they will be placed in the Everyone Matters Centre from 8:50am-4:25pm the next day. This is due to their repeated breach of the school ethos. Therefore, if a student has already received 2 after schools detentions in a day (to be completed tomorrow) and they then miss an after school detention on the same day (which results in two additional detentions for tomorrow) then this takes it over 3 detentions issued in a day and the student is placed in the Everyone Matters Centre 8:50am-4:25pm

The Everyone Matters Centre enables students to reflect on their behaviour and they receive support from the manager in modifying their behaviour when they return to the school community.

If a student is persistently receiving and/or missing detentions then parents will be contacted and a meeting will be set up to discuss further interventions.

Consequences for persistent poor behaviour or serious incident

Internal Exclusion to the Everyone Matters Centre
Fixed Term Exclusion
Permanent Exclusion

For students who we have ongoing behaviour concerns, we will consider an Individual Behaviour Plan and a Pastoral Support Plan.