Sanctions and Consequences


The following outlines how the severity of sanctions increase as behaviour becomes increasingly unacceptable, either through persistence or seriousness.

Sanctions are used by the school to challenge inappropriate behaviour and to support students in making the correct choices in line with the School Ethos. Whilst the management of a students behaviour must take into account individual circumstances and needs, the Consequence Ladder gives a generic overview which can be applied in most instances.

School Ethos:
Everyone Matters
We expect our community to be polite and respectful
Everyone Helps
We expect our community to make sensible choices
Everyone Succeeds
We expect our community to work hard

In the classroom

Stage 0: Warning plus expectations reinforced

Stage 1: Warning plus sanction e.g. move position, see teacher at the end of the lesson, short break or lunch time detention.

Stage 2: Warning, audit plus sanction e.g. after school detention, phone call home, removal from class to another classroom.

Stage 3: Removed by patrol/ curriculum team for serious single incident or refusal to comply after reaching Stage 2.

Parental contact phone and then meeting with CL, Teacher and member of Student Support.
Repeat offences will involve Learning Leader and SLT.

After School Detentions

At Rainford we a run a ‘next day’ after school detention system. If a student receives an after school detention, they will be required to stay until 4pm on the next school day in E008.

Parents/Carers will receive a text message that evening informing them of the detention.

If a student fails to turn up for the after school detention, it will be escalated to an extended Senior Leadership Team detention on the following day until 4:30pm.

If a student is persistently missing detentions then parents will be contacted and the student will be internally excluded in the behaviour hub, which finishes at 4:30pm each evening. The student support team will contact you regarding how they can support your child in improving their behaviour for learning.

Consequences for persistent poor behaviour or serious incident

Internal Exclusion to the Behaviour Hub
Fixed Term Exclusion
Permanent Exclusion

For students who we have ongoing behaviour concerns, we will consider an Individual Behaviour Plan and a Pastoral Support Plan.