Fund-raising Events

Dear Parent/Carer,

Although we do many charity events in the school we have not done a significant fund-raising event for school extras for many years. In the hope of focusing our community’s efforts during the week the 4th to the 8th July we are looking to raise additional funds for four key areas of the school that we want to support and improve for our students and community.

  • The first focus of fund raising is the new Everyone Matters Centre we have just opened in partnership with Rainford Parish Council. The Centre is focused on supporting young people who, at present, are not attending school due to reasons linked to personal wellbeing. This is unfortunately a growing issue and as a school and community it is vital that we don’t allow any child to lose out on the opportunity for education and this is an additional approach to get children back to learning for their future.
  • The second focus is to improve facilities for our Performing Arts students and teams to allow us to take their performance and experience to the next level with improved sound and lighting facilities. Many students have their experience of school enhanced and improved by their participation in Performing Arts.
  • The third focus is to support the refurbishment of the school sports hall that is used by all the students in the school. Some of the key equipment such as the basketball hoops and cricket nets need to be updated to meet the needs of competition and practice as you know we are committed to delivering great sport for all so we would be grateful for your support.
  • The fourth focus will be to kick start the Rainford pre-loved uniform shop the Big Exchange and our other new project the Friday Food Bank where every Friday we will be taking donations for local food banks and giving back to the wider community.
  • The final focus is to support the schools extensive Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme which many children in Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 access and it is from here we have taken inspiration for our fund-raising activity.

As a school we are going to row from Rainford to Norway over the course of a week. This is a distance of 1200 km this will be done by staff and students rowing the distance on six rowing machines with a small competition between staff and students as to who will row further.   Across the course of the five days we are hoping to raise £15000 for our chosen projects. Although a large sum of money it is the equivalent to £10 per child who attends the school.

We would be delighted and appreciative of your support and if anyone has a particular interest in any one of the projects that needs support and feels their business may be able to offer some additional support we would be pleased to talk in detail about the specific projects and what we are trying to achieve. Our just giving page if you would like to support our fund-raising effort is:

I would say all of these projects are additional and are there to enhance our offer to your children and community. We would be very grateful of your support in reaching our target of £15000.

Yours sincerely
Ian Young