-Art Homework

Year 7

Year 7 Mini Beasts- Plummeting insect numbers
Year 7 Mini Beasts- Without Bugs, We Might All Be Dead
Year 7 Pop Art- Popular culture or Popular art
Year 7 Pop Art- Roy Lichtenstein and the Symbolism of the Cartoon

Year 8

Year 8 Day of the Dead- Facts
Year 8 Day of the Dead-Mexican Culture in Film
Year 8 Seed Pods- Climate change is hurting seed farmers
Year 8 Seed Pods- Saving seeds for the future

Year 9

Year 9 British Identity- More famous than famous
Year 9 British Identity- What is the nation’s identity
Year 9 Distorted Portraits- Are Social Media Filters Distorting Our Perception Of Reality
Year 9 Distorted Portraits- The ‘ugly truth’ about Body Dysmorphic Disorder