Cancellation of Non-Essential School Events

 Dear Parents/Carers


Cancellation of Non-Essential School Events

 As a school our Ethos is Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds.

As Everyone Matters, we have decided to postpone all non-essential school events this term in order to support and care for our community’s wellbeing at this uncertain time.

As a school, we feel that placing parents, grandparents and staff in non-essential gatherings will cause additional stress of deciding whether to attend or not, and will increase potential levels of anxiety due to the ongoing uncertainty of the national and local picture.

Postponing our Parents’ Evenings and Rewards Evenings will also allow staff more time to focus on delivering to students and preparing possible remote learning solutions, that may or may not be required, as well as looking after any family issues that may occur at this time.

Our main priority is clearly the students and particularly those who face the challenge of National examinations.  The school team is working hard to ensure that we can respond as effectively as possible to any changes to future schedules.

Due to postponing Parents’ Evenings, we will be offering parents a number of alternative methods of communication and you will be informed of these in the next couple of days.

The events we will postpone this term are:

19th March -Year 10 Parents’ Evening

24th March- Y8 and Y9 Rewards Evening

25th March – Y11 and Y13 Rewards Evening

26th March – Year 9 Parents’ Evening

1st April- Y12 and 13 Progression Evening

As school we are also going to enact Everyone Helps, by working closely with our community partners to support the most vulnerable.  This will hopefully improve and support the situation in order for Everyone to Succeed.

As a school we continue to monitor the situation closely and follow Public Health England and Department for Education advice and guidance on this situation and will keep you informed with regular updates.

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience at this challenging time.

Yours sincerely

Mr Ian Young


Update regarding sports events:

In light of:

  • recent government Coronovirus advice regarding avoiding  ‘non-essential contact’ for all age groups
  • the local authority yesterday making the decision to postpone all scheduled school sporting competitions/ events until Easter
  • the recent cancellation of most local club sporting fixtures/practices

and in the interests of protecting the welfare of our whole school community within the school ethos of ‘Everyone Matters’, we have decided to suspend our extra-curricular sporting programme with immediate effect until the Easter holidays.