Coronavirus School Update 20.3

Dear Parent and Carers

The school will close at the end of the school day and we are all uncertain as to when we will reopen as a traditional school community. However we are looking forward to the challenge of developing a new way of delivering and supporting learning in the short term that could have many positives for students and staff moving forward.

I would ask for patience and feedback from across our community over the next few weeks so we can improve and develop effectively in this new learning environment. What we will try to do is build our approach based on our ethos of Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds.

Everyone Matters: will mean regular communication with all students via school email from senior staff, Learning Leaders and class teachers. Please support us by encouraging students to read their emails. This will be the main avenue of communication from next week. Teachers will also be able to offer feedback and follow up as an element of the learning platforms they will be utilising with students. Parents will be contacted via phone and email if students are not engaging to the standards laid out in the student expectations of remote learning document.

Everyone Helps: is all parties supporting students to focus sensibly on study at this challenging time and ensure that they are meeting deadlines, engaging with feedback and completing work to a good standard.

Everyone Succeeds: will be the development of the independence and resilience of our learners and the effective development and growth of our school community for everyone’s benefit and improvement in learning.

As a school we will also be supporting our most vulnerable students and the children of key workers so vital at this time. If parents feel they need more support at this time and don’t come under the Government identified categories please contact the school and we will be as supportive as possible during this difficult period.

Please follow this link to see if your job falls into one of the Government defined categories. If we believe that your child could be considered vulnerable a member of the school team will contact you directly today to discuss your child’s care.

All students and parents will receive guidance on the expectations of students and staff so this period of non-traditional learning can be a success. If you have any queries or concerns please contact the school at and we will try to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Kind regards

Ian Young