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‘The Arts are not outpourings of emotion but disciplined forms of enquiry with which to organise feelings and ideas about experiences.’
Gulbenkian report into the Arts in schools.

Within the Rainford High Art Department we encourage pupils to think inventively, in order to develop visual images and form critical judgements. The department aims to focus upon the individual, encouraging each pupil to gain confidence in their abilities and learn that there are many approaches to Art and Design rather than one right way.

The Art & Design Department aims to:

  • Increase pupil’s awareness of the world around them, challenging and enhancing their comprehension, whilst developing their skills and exploring materials. Pupils are encouraged to question and are allowed the freedom to create and experiment within a safe environment.
  • Promote resilience, confidence, independence and success through a range of practical activities where communication and self-reflection and evaluation are critical skills needed.
  • Nurture and support students in a stimulating, thought provoking and innovative learning environment which will assist and develop students’ artistic experiences.

Teaching areas and facilities:

The department consists of 3 teaching rooms and a gallery space and is well equipped for general art activities as well as containing specialist facilities for Ceramics, Textiles, Photography and Printing. The department also has a suite of computers, a printing press and 2 kilns.

Key Stage Three:

Students get a wide range of knowledge, understanding and skills within different areas of Art and Design through the different projects that have been carefully planned so that students build up on their prior knowledge, understanding and skills and make progress throughout this key stage. Students have opportunities to experiment with different materials, techniques and processes throughout every project. Within Key Stage 3 students are assessed on their knowledge and understanding as well as their skills within their research, observational studies, design and final outcomes across all projects.

Key Stage Four:

GCSE Art and Design Fine Art, 3D Studies and Photography are 2 year courses designed to offer a range of skills and techniques working towards increased confidence and independence.

The courses are made up of coursework projects in the form of a ‘Personal Portfolio’ and a timed 10 hour exam with an 8 week preparation period.

All work produced is part of the final GCSE grade from September of the first term until June of the last term in year 11.

Students follow:

Fine Art- AQA

Three Dimensional Design- AQA

Photography- AQA

Post 16:

The A level courses, in both Fine Art & Photography are designed to extend and refine skills developed at GCSE.

Both As and A2 begin with a series of experimental workshops, the projects then develop on a more student led focus with teacher discussions to support independent project development.

Students follow:

Fine Art- AQA

Photography- AQA

For further course information:

For further information about the Art & Design curriculum please contact:

Mr R. Hughes- Curriculum Leader