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What is Drama?

Drama is a way of making sense of the world. Skilled teachers of drama give students the tools of the trade, encouraging them to become more autonomous in their handling of the dramatic medium and so to take greater responsibility for their own learning. Drama is fun.

Drama at Keystage 3 (Years 7,8 and 9)

All students have 1 lesson per week

Drama at Keystage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

Students opt for Drama at GCSE

Drama at Keystage 5 (Years 12 and 13)

Students opt for A/S & A/2 levels

Exam Results

GCSE Drama 90% A*-C

Teaching Areas

Drama Studio: A designated acting space with blackout curtains & lighting rig.
Auditorium: An end on or studio space with blackout curtains, balcony and lighting & sound box.