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What is History?

Essentially History is the study of events and people from the past.

So why study History?

There are many reasons why the study of History is essential and it has been summed up by some of the greatest thinkers of all time.

“A man who does not respect his ancestors is worse than a wild animal” An old saying of the North American indigenous people.

“History teaches us tolerance for human shortcomings and imperfections” Lewis F. Powel.

“History repeats itself because nobody listens” Professor Laurence Peter.

“If people could learn History, what lessons might it teach us?” Samuel Coleridge.

History is a National Curriculum subject that is taught to all students up to year 9. After that students can choose to study History further at GCSE.

A Level Overview

Year 11 Overview

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Year 9 Overview

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Year 7 Overview



All students in years 7-11 are taught in the North block. There are three specialist classrooms on the second floor of the block. All three of those rooms have an interactive SMARTboards, TV, Video and DVD. There are six specialist History teachers currently in the department.

Mrs L. Williams (Head of Humanities)
Mr L. Brown
Miss A. Campbell
Miss I. Kent
Mrs A. Rigby
Miss M. Timmons