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What is Science?

Science is taking the natural curiosity in the world around us, and helping to understand it.
At Rainford, we endeavour to allow students to experience the wonder of the world around us through exploration and discovery, collaborating to solve problems and gain an insight into how Science has developed and its relevance in your future.


Science GCSE Revision

The Science faculty runs a multitude of revision sessions. These can be found by clicking on the link below.

Rainford Connect

You can also access course information and resources using the new “Rainford Connect” site at The Username/Password combination required to access Connect is the same as the student’s current school log in.

We also recommend the following resources.

Kerboodle username is your first initial and surname.
Password is the same as your username. You will be asked to change it the first time you log on.
Institution code is vi3.

The Kerboodle website contains access to online homeworks and electronic copies of the textbooks used in school.