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Technology is studied by all students in each year from 7 to 11 for 10% of their time in school.

At KS3 there are five separate subjects to be studied:

  • Electronic Products,
  • Food Technology,
  • Graphic Products,
  • Resistant Materials
  • Textiles Technology.
  • Students complete a unit of each subject during the academic year.

All students in year 10 & 11 have the option to specialise in one area and complete a GCSE course in this subject

Quality is a word that is used a lot at Rainford, the design and production of excellent products is paramount in the work we do, whether it be in the presentation of a Food product or the way an electronic device is soldered together or indeed, the level of finishing required on prototypes produced in both Product Design and Textiles.

As a Technology College we have been able to invest in modern technology, this is used widely in all areas of the subject and by all students to both raise the quality of products manufactured but also to extend the range and complexity of the work produced.

Each subject area has access to Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) equipment ranging form embroidery machines in textiles to conveyor ovens in Food Technology, moreover, CNC milling, routing tools, vinyl cutters and a laser cutter are used extensively in systems, product design and graphics.

The most important asset of any department is the staff, within Technology all staff are approachable and very professional and support students by providing a stimulating working environment that is both challenging and rewarding.
At Rainford we use Computer Aided Design CAD and Computer Aided Manufacture CAM in all areas of the Technology Curriculum.

We have the following CAD/CAM equipment for general student use.
Mercury Laser cutter 25 Watt
Mercury Laser cutter 60 Watt
2 Camm 1 Vinyl cutting machines
A STX8 sticker machine
1 Denford milling machines
1 Denford Router
2 Embroidery machines
Sublimation printing system
Roller oven
The principal software tool is Techsoft 2D design V2.

2D design is available for students to use throughout the school, it is also available at home via VPN and can be loaned from the library.