Principal’s Letter 04.01

Dear Parents/ Carers

Happy New Year and we look forward to welcoming you back to school in 2022. The pandemic remains very much with us with the key actions that need to be taken on our return are on site testing on Wednesday for all students we have your consent to conduct testing on and the return to wearing face masks in classrooms until the 26th of January at least, to reduce and manage the transmission of the omicron variant.  All students unless they have a genuine reason for exemption will need to follow this new measure. 

We appreciate that there will be many challenges over the next few weeks including staff shortages, students isolating and the potential for the need for some students at some points to return to remote learning and the real possibility of partial school closure. I know that all of these issues will be challenges for students, parents and school staff but the school will do everything possible to ensure our young people receive the best educational experience possible. Your support in ensuring our young people test at home at least twice a week and support the hygiene regimes and mask wearing around school is vital to maintaining as normal an approach to their education as possible. 

As we strive to operate in as normal way as possible, I have attached a letter reminding both parents and students of the expectations, standards systems that need to work effectively for our community to work effectively and deliver a high quality of care and experience at Rainford High. I will remind all parents that none of these things are new and that we work to do the best for every child who comes through our doors. I believe strongly that it is more important than ever as we strive to work through the pandemic that we continue to have high expectations of everyone within our community to ensure that our ethos and culture of everyone Matters, Everyone Helps, and Everyone Succeeds supports every individual to be successful. 

As we return in once again challenging circumstances, I suggest we consider and hope that as a community we can fulfil the words of Nelson Mandela ” When people are determined they can overcome anything.”

Welcome back for a happy and successful 2022. 

Yours Sincerely
Ian Young