Please find below our extra-curricular activities timetable. Table A shows the activities that are provided to enrich student experiences and the Table B shows academic support sessions.

At Rainford, we want everyone to succeed and we understand that success is a child’s personal development as a whole and not just academically. Therefore, we encourage our students to take part in extra-curricular activities to broaden their experiences.

If you can’t find an activity on the below tables and you would like to suggest an idea to us then please email us at info@rainford.org.uk so we can strive to improve our offer.

If your child is receipt of Pupil Premium, meaning they either access free school meals or have done in the last 6 years, and you need supporting in enabling your child to access any extra-curricular activities then please contact Mr White (Pupil Premium Pastoral Manager) using m.white@rainford.org.uk or  contact school on 01744 885914.

Table A: Extra-curricular timetable

Table B: Curriculum Support timetable: Revision, Coursework and Homework

Year 11 Autumn Revision Timetable