GCSE Success Evening

‘It was fantastic to be reminded about how I can support my child, there were so many fantastic resources and people happy to help. Thank you.’

Thank you to all students and parents who attended the Y11 GCSE Success Evening, it was great to see so many of you there. For those of you that couldn’t attend, the night began with an introductory presentation from Mr. Young and some Key Stage 4 staff before breaking off into ‘stalls’ in the canteen. Each stall contained information dedicated to a specific aspect of GCSE success. Please use the links below to view the documents that were available during the evening, and download them at your pleasure.

Y11 GCSE Success Evening Introductory Presentation

Market Stalls

1. Careers

2. Food _ Nutrition

—Recipe Booklet

—Snack Cards

3. Revision Presentation

—Revision Strategies

—Revision Overview

4. Sleep Presentation

—Rest _ Recovery

—Sleep Research

5. Sport Presentation

—Health Benefits

6. Stress _ Mental Wellbeing

7. Testing

Testing Your Child

8. Rainford 6th Form

9. English – Revision Guides Overview

—Romeo and Juliet Self-Testing Example

10. Maths – Please visit the ‘Maths’ link under the ‘Curriculum’ tab above. Alternatively visit:


11. Science – Revision Guides & Tassomai