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History at Rainford seeks to explore the concepts of identity, significance, change and continuity, whilst allowing the students to understand their place in the modern world.  Students will develop an understanding of the changing nature of power; of the growing rights of the people and the creation of a multicultural diverse society in Britain and the wider world.  In tandem pupils will explore examples of the capacity for human destruction and creation both locally, nationally and internationally.  We also aim to develop transferable skills that can be used across the curriculum including critical thinking, analytical skills regarding textual and visual sources and extended writing skills.  We seek at every opportunity to develop literacy across the curriculum, providing learners with opportunities to engage in historical reading, extended writing and debate.


Within History we have created a curriculum with a myriad of aspects which enable pupils to engage with, and consider, diverse and challenging topics throughout history, allowing students to enhance their understanding of the modern world.  In addition to the creation of an engaging curriculum the History team use a range of innovative and imaginative teaching and learning strategies to stimulate students and foster enthusiasm and passion for the subject.  New schemes of learning cover local, national and international history from c. 1000 to the present day – allowing an understanding of students’ place in the world and the journey to where we are now.

The specialist team within the department will use knowledge organisers, regular reading homework, technology and enrichment opportunities to engage students and to develop their knowledge and understanding.  Staff use stimulating and thought-provoking video, discussion tasks and extended writing tasks which foster enthusiasm for the subject, by promoting the consideration of contrasting interpretations of the past; whilst also preparing students for the demands of GCSE and A-Level.

At KS3 the chronological journey allows all students to build up their understanding of the development of Britain and its place in the modern world.   Each lesson embeds the terminology and skills required for success in terminal examinations at GCSE and A-Level.  In addition to formal examinations we will use a range of low-stakes and periodic assessment to embed understanding and develop the application of subject specific skills.  Assessments are coordinated across the department with clear progression and continuity throughout the key stages.


We want to ensure that students make outstanding progress relative to their starting points and are able to achieve highly in the KS4 and KS5 examinations.  We want not just academic success but students to have an appreciation and understanding of modern society in Britain and the wider world; to question established thinking and consider others’ opinions.

Students should leave the History department at Rainford with an understanding of the changes and continuity in modern Britain and the wider world, alongside a sense of empathy and understanding of different cultures.  We want students to gain confidence in literacy and expressing their opinions gaining these transferable skills for academic study but also for higher education and the demands of modern employment.

Possible careers and opportunities

Studying History provides pupils with a breadth of transferrable skills that will equip them for a variety of careers in an increasingly competitive jobs market. These skills would be ideal for pupils who are considering careers in the following sectors: archaeology, journalism, education, law enforcement, the military and government.


We have four modern and well equipped classrooms dedicated to History in East Block, E106, E107, E109 and E110.


As a department we offer various levels of support to pupils including 1-to-1 intervention, after school revision classes and holiday sessions to prepare pupils for their GCSE examinations. Moreover, all key information resources, knowledge organiser have all been placed on Rainford Connect to support your child’s learning.


The History Department offer various opportunities for pupils to pursue their passion for their subject outside of lessons. In the past academic year, pupils have had the opportunity to attend lunchtime ‘Horrible Histories’ club, view and take part in an exhibition in collaboration with the Anne Frank Trust UK and a school trip to the Imperial War Museum North in Salford.

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