Everyone Matters

We expect our community to be polite and respectful

Everyone Helps

We expect our community to make sensible choices

Everyone Succeeds

We expect our community to work hard

Our Ethos House System:

Rainford’s House System is a natural extension of our ethos “Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds”.  Through our vertical houses, we aim to promote a culture of collaboration and support, where everyone plays a part in the success of each individual and the entire school community.

“Everyone Matters” is emphasised through the smaller communities established within each House. Each student is assigned to a House, ensuring that are individually recognised, valued, and included. This sense of belonging and importance helps create a positive school culture where everyone’s unique strengths and contributions are celebrated.

“Everyone Helps” is encouraged through our in-House academic and pastoral mentoring programme. Older students provide guidance to younger ones, creating a supportive environment where everyone contributes to the growth and development of their peers.

“Everyone Succeeds” is promoted through healthy competition, academic recognition, and personal growth. Termly inter-House competitions, academic awards, and leadership opportunities provide avenues for students to excel and achieve their full potential. By promoting a culture of achievement and recognising individual accomplishments, the House System motivates students to strive for excellence.

Our House System reinforces the ethos of “Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps, Everyone Succeeds” by creating a supportive and inclusive environment within our school. It embodies the principles of collaboration, recognition, and personal growth whilst ensuring that every student is given the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Our houses:


Our symbol represents not only our desire to help but also the strength we need to give that help. Archangel Michael, the warrior angel, illustrates our house characteristics of sympathy for the problems of others, the toughness to do something about those problems and our compassionate approach to justice.


Our symbol of the mountain peak encapsulates our unwavering nature and conveys the difficulty of ascent, the sense of accomplishment and the inspiring perspective it offers. It is a powerful visual representation of the qualities and outcomes associated with a determined mindset.


Our symbol of a set of scales represents the desire we have to stick to our principles and not be swayed from what we know to be right. Integrity involves making unbiased and principled decisions, adhering to moral values and ethical standards without being swayed by personal interests or external pressures.


The image of Sisyphus pushing the boulder uphill reflects the notion that endeavour involves facing challenges, setbacks, and the need to persevere despite repeated failures. Our symbol shows our commitment to the task at hand, no matter how difficult it might seem and the importance of persistence in the face of adversity.


Our symbol represents an ability to bounce back from setbacks and rise up again if we are knocked down.  The phoenix is a mythical bird with similar characteristics, an ability to rise again from the ashes of defeat and achieve their goals. Resilience involves adapting to and growing from adversity, similar to the phoenix’s transformative nature.

Our Heads of House:

Our student leadership:
At Rainford High, we believe in nurturing leaders of tomorrow. Our commitment to fostering leadership skills and qualities is reflected in the various student leadership opportunities available to our students. These programs empower students to take on responsibilities, develop teamwork, and make a positive impact within our school community. Explore the diverse range of leadership roles below to find the perfect fit for your interests and aspirations.
House Captain: The role of a School House Captain is a prestigious and vital leadership position within our school community. School house captains are responsible for leading and representing their respective houses, fostering a sense of unity, and promoting friendly competition among students. This position offers a unique opportunity for personal and leadership development.
Student Council: The Student Council serves as the voice of the student body. Members are responsible for organizing events, advocating for student needs, and working closely with school administrators to enhance the overall school experience.
Prefects: Prefects play a crucial role in school projects and help with school events and projects. They support our heads of house alongside house captains with the mentoring of younger pupils.
Subject ambassadors: If you have a passion for a particular subject or activity, consider becoming a subject ambassador. Lead a club related to your interests and engage with like-minded students to pursue shared goals and projects.
Sports Captains: Do you excel in sports? Step up as a sports captain and lead your team to victory. Sports captains are responsible for motivating their teammates, organizing practices, and representing the school in athletic competitions.
Peer Mentors: Make a difference in the lives of fellow students by becoming a peer mentor. Help new students acclimate to our school, provide academic support, and offer guidance and friendship.
Arts and Culture Leaders: If you have a flair for the arts, consider becoming a leader in our drama, music, or visual arts programs. You’ll have the opportunity to organize performances, exhibitions, and workshops to showcase your talents.
Charity and community leaders: Engage in meaningful community service projects by joining our team of charity coordinators. Plan and lead volunteer activities that make a positive impact on our local community.
Academic Ambassadors: Foster a culture of academic excellence by becoming an academic ambassador. Assist your peers with study techniques, organize study groups, and participate in academic competitions.
Environmental leaders: If you’re passionate about environmental sustainability, join our team of environmental stewards. Lead initiatives to promote eco-consciousness within our school, such as recycling programs and conservation projects.
How to Get Involved: Getting involved in student leadership is easy! Watch out for announcements and emails regarding upcoming elections and appointments for leadership roles. We encourage all students to consider these opportunities and apply for positions that align with their interests and goals.
At Rainford High, student leadership opportunities are a vital part of our educational experience. We encourage all students to take advantage of these chances to develop leadership skills, build lasting friendships, and contribute positively to our school community. By participating in these roles, you can make a significant impact on your own growth and the overall school environment. Join us in shaping a brighter future!
How to achieve points:
·         E-postcards = 5 points
·         Merits = 3 points
·         Competition Participation = 10 points
·         Extra-curricular activities = 5 points
·         Revision Sessions = 5 points
·         Service to school points = 10 points
·         100% attendance so far this year points = 50 points
·         100% last half term points = 50 points
·         Attendance Improvement award (Pastoral judgement) = 20 points
·         5-day challenge points as per below
5-day challenge bonus points for remaining within challenge – reviewed and issued half termly
·         60 points = 0 days absence so far this year
·         50 points = 1 day absence so far this year
·         40 points = 2 days of absence so far this year
·         30 points = 3 days of absence so far this year
·         20 points = 4 days of absence so far this year
·         10 points = 5 days of absence so far this year
Criteria for Praise and Rewards Events:
Criteria for Christmas Rewards Event
·         Students need to achieve 500 house points between September and October half term to be eligible for the Christmas Rewards event in December.
Criteria for Easter Rewards Event
·         Students need to achieve 1000 house points between October half term and February half term to be eligible for the Easter Rewards event to Blackpool Pleasure Beach or Blackpool Zoo in April.
Criteria for the Summer Rewards Event
·         Students need to achieve 1000 houses house points between February half term and May half term to be eligible for the Summer House Festival event in July.
  1. Competitions –

During the 2022-2023 academic year there were over thirty competitions for the students to get involved in. This year we hope to run even more and endeavour to ensure there is a competition for everyone. The current schedule for the year is

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Bottle tops Food bank Fantasy Football Sixth form Pool Poetry European Day of languages    Halloween Bake off House sport Chocolate Orange collection Christmas quiz Rainford’s Got TalentFIFA Photography Pi Day Spelling Bee Speed Stacking    Science Week World Book Day Book Recycle Crack the Case House Sport Food bank  Chess Mario Eco Competition Art Charity RunSports Day Young Historians Food Bank

Our House Fundraising:

The school plays a vital role in supporting local charities and does it best to support national campaigns.

Fundraising Events:

The school organise fundraising events such as bake sales, charity runs, and other events to raise money for local charities. These events not only generate funds but also create awareness about the causes they support.

Donation Drives:

We organise donation drives for essential items like food, clothing, school supplies, or toys. Students and their families can contribute these items, which are then donated to local charities or shelters.

Charity Drives and Campaigns:

We run charity campaigns and drives focused on specific causes or charities. These campaigns involve raising awareness, collecting funds, or encouraging volunteerism.

Leader Board

TimeWinning House
February 2023 – Mid Year ChampionCompassion
2023-2024 Winning HouseEndeavour