KS3 Homework

The curriculum is designed to enable students to develop learning and revision skills so they can achieve maximum success in their final linear examinations. Each half-term, there will be the following homeworks:

  •  A pre-learning homework that links to the following weeks’ work, revision homeworks based on departments’ Knowledge Organisers and a number of self-quizzing homeworks in preparation for low stakes knowledge tests.
  • To enrich the students’ learning journey, develop their vocabulary and help foster a love for reading, each department will share two subject-specific articles and set them as reading homeworks. These homeworks will have comprehension tests linked to each article on Show My Homework. The reading materials can also be accessed here.

Twice a year in Year 7 and 8, and three times a year in Year 9, there will be Assessment Fortnights for all subjects. In preparation for these formal assessments, revision homework will be set.

If you have any queries about how to log in to Show My Homework, please contact your child’s Learning Leader.