Online Learning


Rainford Connect is an Internet based service specifically for teachers, parents, children and others involved in school life.

It will enable you to access information and resources from school at home. It is called a Learning Platform because it allows you to learn in a variety of ways.
What will my child use it for?

  • They will be able to access learning materials created by their teachers and others, outside lesson time and from locations away from school.
  • To enable them to work at their own pace and with a wider choice of learning styles. through a more personalised curriculum.
  • To improve their ICT skills and online management of materials.
  • To submit homework and assignments for marking and assessment to communicate by email and participate in live discussions and forums with other students and teachers.

Click here to access RAINFORD CONNECT


As a student to complete homework or revise for tests it is useful sometimes to have starting points of where to look.


To support our students in their preparation for GCSE exams, the school has invested in an online resource that students can use on their smartphones to help them revise. The resource is called GCSEpod and delivers small audio visual revision chapters that can be streamed or downloaded to a smartphone, tablet or PC to allow students to revise anytime, anyplace or anywhere. GCSEPod has over 2,500 GCSE specific podcasts which you can watch online or download to your Apple, Blackberry or Android device. GCSEPod is FREE OF CHARGE to all Rainford High Technology College students and staff.

• Covers 15 subjects
• Watch in the car, bus or at school
• Packed with important facts
• Tailored to your exams

Click here to access GCSE POD


Top Marks website allows you to search by subject and age group for specific websites that can help with your learning and support you in completing homework. The website also tells you if the sites are tablet friendly or not.

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Top educational apps for Smartphones and tablets