Letter from Mr Young 03.04

Dear Parent/Carers

This is just a short message to say thank you for your on going support with the challenges of remote home learning, and your patience, as we try to work out how to maintain a school community without direct contact.

We are reviewing our approach and welcome all feedback so we can try and deliver a system that improves over the next few weeks.

We have tried to make all our communication supportive. To ensure our communications are not overwhelming, after the Easter break, students will be challenged twice by email that parents are Cc’d into and then if there is no improvement with engagement and effort this will be passed to the Learning Leader who will contact you directly. In this way we hope to limit the amount of communication to a reasonable level.

Teachers are trying to encourage and nudge students to work hard and engage. I suspect in a normal school day none of us fully appreciated the amount of interaction required for some of our young people to engage in learning. In the virtual world this may feel like a lot of email communication and we are trying to adjust what this looks like moving forward so that no one is overwhelmed.

Officially the next two weeks are the Easter holidays and as a school we are saying that the time is important to reflect, rest and recharge. We are living in worrying and challenging times and now, more than ever, the time with family and loved ones is really important. We will be in touch by email but there is no expectation for students to work throughout the holiday but work is available and I have set them a Principal’s challenge in an email this morning.

The work is available to support our young people in having something purposeful to do during this unprecedented time, but this is a holiday and the opportunity to rest and recuperate at his challenging time is important for everyone.

I wish you all a restful and safe Easter break.

Yours sincerely

Ian Young