Prom and Inset Update 16.6

Dear Parent/Carers,

At 16:42 yesterday afternoon I received updated guidance from the Department of Education which for the first time referenced the arrangement of Proms and said we were allowed to hold them. 

Up until this point there had been no reference to them hence the reason for the announcement that we would be moving an INSET day and the timing of the Prom to guarantee the event could take place as long as schools were not closed. 

I am delighted for the Year 11s that I am able to make a U-turn with an apology to everyone for the confusion and ‘messing people about’ over the last 24 hours. We have tried throughout the last 15 months to put our community first and the need for Year 11 to have a Prom was paramount to completing the year; however I was not prepared for them to have no Prom due to the delay in unlock and the limitations on public events that an evening Prom potentially would have fallen foul. 

For clarification:

  • We are sorry for the confusion. The INSET day will take place on the 25th June as published in the school calendar. The school Prom will take place on the evening of July 2nd between 7.00pm and 11.00pm. A full and detailed programme will follow next week. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to do the right thing for children after a difficult 15 months. 

Kind regards

Ian Young