Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark / UK ParliamentBen’s Campaign

In Support of Our Y11 Member of the Youth Parliament for St Helens

Working within the school’s ethos of Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps, Everyone Succeeds and in order to support Rainford High’s aim of ensuring all students have access to high quality Personal Development that allows them to be well-informed members of school, local, national and international communities Rainford High has become one of over 900 schools, colleges youth groups and partner organisations in the UK, who have signed up to this years’ Make Your Mark campaign.


What is Make Your Mark?

  • Make Your Mark is the largest youth consultation in Europe, and it gives young people aged 11-18 years old a chance to have their say on the issues that matter to them.
  • Each year, there are 10 topics voted for by Members of Youth Parliament (who are voted for by young people every two years and represent their constituencies young people in the House of Commons).
  • These 10 issues then form the Make Your Mark Ballot and millions of young people from across the UK vote on the issue that they want to see tackled the most.
  • The top 5 issues voted for by young people then get debated in the House of Commons by Members of Youth Parliament in the UK Youth Parliament (UKYP), annual debate, and from this one issue will become the UKYP’s campaign for the year.
  • This year, the most voted for issue will be drafted as a bill, meaning that it could become a law.
  • The issues voted as most important will be the focus of the UK Youth Parliament’s 2021 campaigns. Members of Youth Parliament will campaign to influence UK Parliament and their local representatives, ensuring that the views of young people are listened to by decision-makers.
  • The virtual ballot paper, asks 11-18 year olds to vote on one UK-wide topic and one local topic that is most important to them. Online voting closes on 30th November and is solely through the UK Parliament Week website