Letter to Parents from Mr Young 06/09/2023

Dear Parent/ Carers  

We are delighted to welcome back all our students to another new academic year. We are looking forward to our students returning looking their best and fully equipped in full school uniform.  The details of the required equipment and school uniform are on the school website. To reassure parents we have not been affected by the concrete issues that other schools are having to deal with which means you can rest assured all school facilities are available and safe for everyone to enjoy from the start of term. 

We are delighted with the performance of our Y11 and Y13 students in the recent public examinations and we are looking forward to building on all the hard work and success of the previous year.  

As a community we are looking for your support in students meeting the school ethos of Everyone Matters be polite kind and respectful, Everyone Helps make sensible choices and Everyone Succeeds work hard.  All school staff are focused on supporting students to meet these expectations and your support is invaluable in helping our community live the ethos.  

You will be well aware from the national news that attendance is a key focus for all schools and we will continue to have high expectations for all our students with the 5-day challenge.  

We will also continue to develop our House system to support the development of student leaders and deliver the school rewards system through our house competitions and opportunities.  

As Robert Kennedy said  

“It is not more bigness that should be our goal. We must attempt, rather, to bring people back to the warmth of community, to the worth of individual effort and responsibility, and of individuals working together as a community, to better their lives and their children’s future.” 

The whole school team is looking forward to supporting every student to achieve their best on their way to fulfilling their dreams and ambitions. We are also looking forward to working with you the parents to achieve our joint goal for our young people to become great people we are proud to have supported and developed. Thank you in advance for your support.  

If we work together I am sure we can help all our students achieve their full potential over the year.  

Kind regards 

Ian Young