Numeracy Ninjas

Numeracy Ninjas is a numeracy intervention designed to fill gaps in students’ basic mental calculation strategies and also to empower them with the numeracy skills and fluency required to fully access GCSE Maths concepts.

Furthermore, through growth mindsets and the promotion of regular practice, we want to ensure students’ perception of maths is positive and one in which they take pride and enjoyment.

Numeracy Ninjas is a project driven by the belief that all students can leave school functionally numerate.

One form time a week students complete a 5 minute skills test which includes: 10 questions on mental numeracy calculation strategies, 10 timetables questions and 10 questions on key topics that must be mastered.

The tests are marked in class by students who record their Ninja Score out of 30. This corresponds to a particular colour Ninja Belt.

Only a Ninja Score of 30 will earn students the coveted Black Ninja Belt!
This little-and-often approach, in combination with a research-informed rota, which systematically plans the revisiting of skills, ensures students’ improved numeracy skills and fluency are retained over time.