Performing Arts


What is Performing Arts?

This course is equivalent to 1.5 A levels and is appropriate for students who enjoy the performing arts of dance, acting, and musical theatre but who wish to combine their studies with a range of other subjects. It will be taught by the Performing Arts staff at Rainford. Students of Performing Arts develop many transferable skills and show flexibility and a high standard of communication needed in many professions.

Careers related to studying Performing Arts:

Careers leading directly from this qualification include working in the leisure and travel industry, working in dance or Theatre in Education companies, broadcasting, media, or teaching.

Course content:

In opting for Performing Arts, you must have a passion for theatre, dance, or the world of musical theatre. During the co,urse you will specialise in one or more of the three art forms. You will enjoy a ‘hands-on’ approach and will be highly self-motivated and able to analyse your own development.

There is no formal written examination, instead, you have 2 controlled time exams which you get 4 weeks in advance to prepare for. You also have practical and written portfolios to complete that is very demanding and challenging. You will be expected to make connections with professional bodies and embark upon extensive research. You will also write a personal commentary making detailed observations of your work. You will be filmed and photographed and you must love performing in front of an audience. You must love hard work and long hours!

Entry requirements:

Ideally, you will have achieved Merit at Level 2 BTEC Performing Arts or a Grade 5 at GCSE in Drama, Dance, or Music, but extracurricular work and a passion for the subject are just as important. You should also have the ability to create and perform your work, an abundance of energy, and good interpersonal skills.

Subject specific events:

During the course, you will have opportunities to visit a variety of Performing Arts venues, explore what’s on offer and meet practitioners.
You will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops in dance, make-up and physical skills and you will perform to an audience on numerous occasions.

Methods of study:

Research projects, personal log book, personal commentary, workshops, performing arts assignments, role play, dance, drama, and music workshops. Understanding practitioners and professionals, rehearsing, reading, composing, devising, and designing. Questioning, witness statements, and stimulation.

Methods of assessment:

You will be assessed by 4 units over the 2-year course.

2 are examined under controlled time:

  • Investigating practitioners’ work
  • Group performance workshop

4 are coursework (internally assessed):

  • Developing skills and techniques for live performance
  • Performing Arts in the Community
  • Variety Performance
  • Performance Technique