Principal Update

Welcome Back

Dear All

As we move into the final term of the year we almost arrive at the business end of the year quicker than we expected. As a school our focus is on helping the young people achieve the best grades possible in the public examinations, so they have the best opportunities moving forward in their lives.

As Principal all I ask for is the support of students and parents in ensuring that we all do our best to get the best outcomes for students. We must understand that the desire for students to fulfil their potential is driven from the reality of a competitive world. If our students do not achieve as well as other young people across the country we have allowed them to go into life at a disadvantage, this should never be the case.

We must also make the young people appreciate that public exams and not University degrees are the gold standard that employers look at to differentiate the wheat from the chaff in this age of increased higher level education competition means increased numbers of unconditional offers and more 2:1’s and First Class Honours than ever before.

Our challenge for the next 10 weeks is to work hard, revise effectively and practice for those exams if you are in year 11 or 13 nothing else matters for this short period of time if you want to do your best and fulfil your potential.


Ian Young