Year 11 students will begin study leave on the 20th May. During this period there will be Examination Preparation Sessions planned in school to support students’ fine-tuning of technique and skills.

The Year 11 Leavers’ Assembly will take place on the 18th June, after the final GCSE exams. Pupils are invited on site from 1pm for refreshments and shirt signing, followed by a Graduation Assembly from 1.45pm until 3.00pm. Students will be able to sign shirts and celebrate the end of their GCSE’s with friends, teachers and staff.

The final event will be the school Prom on Friday, 19th July. This will be held at the Crypt in the Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool. This venue has been chosen after working with students to find the best venue possible to celebrate the end of their GCSE studies. Due to venue rules, there is no option to arrive direct by limousine or any other unusual form of transport, but transport is included in the cost of the prom and is provided from School to the venue and back.

To cater for this we have added a further element to Prom night with the Procession of arrival at Rainford High, with the Avenue of Memories and a short Principal’s reception before we board transport to the venue.

The evening will follow the following itinerary:

6.30pm           Procession of Arrival, Avenue of Memories and Principal’s Reception.
7.15pm           Boarding of transport begins.
7.30pm           Coaches depart.
8.00pm           Arrival at the venue and welcome.
9.15pm           Food service begins.
10.00pm        Speeches and Awards.
10.15pm        Dancing and good times begin.
12.00am        Return transport departure.

The cost of the prom is £55. We want all of our students to attend prom but there are criteria of:

  • Good behaviour in school.
  • Working hard towards the examinations.
  • Maintaining strong levels of attendance.
  • A League of Effort score of 2 or less
  • No more than 15 audits from this point until the examination period.
  • No fixed term exclusions.

All of these things are basic expectations so they should not present a challenge to any student who wishes to attend Prom.