Rainford High School Consultation Document May 2020: Classroom Extension

May 2020

Rainford High School Consultation Document

Classroom extension


What is being proposed

Rainford High Technology College is a PFI building.  We are proposing to build an additional four classrooms located in-between the East Block and Sixth form within the school site.

Why it is being proposed

The school was originally built for year groups of 270 and the equivalent PAN.  In 2015 the PAN was increased to 290 with the agreement of the LA to ensure the school would remain financially solvent and avoid unnecessary redundancies. The additional 100 students have created pressure on facilities within school.  This challenge has been increased due to the uplift in the number of SEND students who attend Rainford High. This increase has been from 8 funded students or EHCP in 2015.16 to 63 students with EHCP/funding in 2019.20, with this figure expected to rise to over 70 in 2020.21.

The four proposed additional classrooms would allow the schools SEND provision to be centralised to support students who have a significant range of SEND linked to LA funding and EHCPs. These children/young people need specialised resources and support to make effective progress in school. The Trustees are committed to delivering this to our high need pupils. Centralising the SEND provision and support services would support this cohort as well as creating additional teaching rooms for the Humanities subjects and Physical Education.

How it may change the school

The impact on the school would be improved facilities, safer movement and a better learning environment to students across all key stages. The additional classrooms would support the improvement of curriculum experience, quality of educational resource, students and staff mental health and well being, as well as outcomes and progress for students with significant SEND and for all students in those curriculum areas who would benefit from the improvement in facilities.

There is no financial need or intention to increase the schools intake numbers above the present PAN so this extension does not create any risk to other local schools or potential free school projects.

The site for the build is internal to the schools site and is being designed with the support of the PFI and the LEP so there are no unseen additions, adaptations or land transfers required.

This extension will also have no impact on the schools admissions arrangements.

When it is proposed that the changes will be made/work will commence?

Work will start on the proposed classroom extension from the start of the Autumn term and will be expected to take in the region of 2-3 months on site.  We are mindful of the current restrictions in place and social distancing to combat COVID-19. The start date will be kept under review with this in mind.

The classroom extension will be a modular build with the majority of the assembly being completed offsite.

Whilst work is being completed on site, the area in question will be cordoned off complying with robust Health and safety measures.  The occasions where HGV vehicles are required to transport materials will be completed out of school hours. Senior leaders will ensure the site and operation are properly risk assessed to ensure the safety and well-being of all within the school community.


Should you have any feedback or questions that you wish to raise arising out of this consultation, please submit them to [email protected] or you may post the responses to Alexandra Marsh, Rainford High, Higher Lane, Rainford, St Helens WA11 8NY.

All feedback and questions received on or before 4th June 2020 will be considered. The Trust will endeavour to publish its responses to matters raised within 2 weeks of the consultations closure. These responses will be published on our website for ease of access to stakeholders.