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Within Religious Education, we believe that every child has the capacity to learn, engage, reflect and experience quality Religious Education. This is within a creative, thought- provoking and understanding environment. We discuss the different cultures, religions and traditions within our diverse communities that are local, national and worldwide.

We provide and develop the skills of our young people to be respectful, reflective, intuitive and open-minded. This is with the vision of making their futures and their world a secure, accepting and diverse place to live.


Within Religious Education we have created a curriculum with stimulating and thought provoking aspects which enables students to engage and consider some of the most diverse and challenging religious, philosophical and ethical issues in our world currently.

Our curriculum will enable students to develop their thinking skills, knowledge of key religious, philosophical and ethical issues and to construct justified opinions whilst applying religious beliefs. Students will also have experiences in exploring philosophical and ethical content that is current and religious experiences that occur that are relevant to the curriculum.

Within the Religious Studies department the specialist team use a variety of techniques within lessons to engage students to a high standard in order for them to make excellent progress. Staff use stimulating and thought provoking video, discussion tasks, group tasks and extended writing tasks which foster an enthusiasm for the subject while preparing them for the demands of GCSE and A-level study. The department will use knowledge organisers, regular reading homeworks and extension tasks and activities to engage students and develop knowledge and understanding.

Through access to a number of learning opportunities including outside speakers, meditation and external visits, we will enable students to develop their learning through memorable and thought provoking experiences.


We wish that every child makes outstanding academic progress from their KS2 starting points which prepares them for their future learning at GCSE and A-level study. This requires high levels of knowledge and understanding of key religious, philosophical and ethical issues, skills in justifying their beliefs and opinions and also evaluating key curriculum content. We wish to develop the skills of our young people in many areas but in particular to leave Rainford High being respectful, reflective, intuitive and open-minded citizens. We wish for students to have developed many skills which will prepare them for the world of Further Education or for the demands of modern employment.

Possible careers and opportunities

A qualification in Religious Studies  is useful in the following professions:  Media, Law, Politics, Medicine the Army, Social care, the Police, and of course, Education.



We have two dedicated classrooms in the East Block, E102 and E104.


We offer numerous group and 1-2-1 revision sessions for students to prepare them for their GCSE examinations. Furthermore, all key information resources, Knowledge Organiser have all been placed on Rainford Connect to support your child’s learning.


The enrichment opportunities in Religious Education are wide and varied. Here are just a few of the opportunities students at Rainford have experienced recently:

  • For GCSE and A Level students a day trip to the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral and the Liverpool Synagogue including a workshop exploring the topic of ‘Beliefs of Christians and The Jewish Community’.
  • A guest speaker from the charitable organization ‘Life’ visited school to discuss the topic of Abortion with all RS pupils.
  • A day visit to Cadburys world for Year 9 students focused on Business Ethics.
  • In the past 2 years, all GCSE and A-Level students have had the opportunity to meet a Holocaust Survivor.

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