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Science at Rainford will provide pupils with the knowledge and skills to become confident citizens in a technological world so that they may develop an interest in matters of scientific importance and be suitably prepared for Higher Education courses in Science or Science-based vocational studies later in life.

Students will not only develop abilities and skills that are relevant to the study of Science, but also transferable to everyday life, encouraging safe practice, scientific thinking and reasoning. Science lessons will stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment and will promote an awareness that the study and practice of Science is co-operative and cumulative. Students will understand the contribution that Science makes to society, enabling them to consider moral and ethical issues and that the application of Science may be both beneficial and detrimental to the individual, community and the environment.


The Science department are continually developing and refining a challenging and ambitious curriculum that enables students to develop a sound knowledge and understanding of the key fundamental ideas upon which Science is based. We aim to provide students with an enjoyable learning experience, one which inspires and promotes an interest/desire to develop their understanding of Science further. Students are made aware of the interdependence of the individual sciences through the delivery of a coherently sequenced and cumulatively sufficient curriculum, drawing on information from each discipline.

A variety of teaching methods and experiences are used to explore the world of Science. Courses aim to show progression and each student is encouraged to work at his or her appropriate level.  Moving forward we are working hard to try and ensure that lessons provide challenge and greater opportunity for students to learn through discovery.

The department will use retrieval and application practice consistently, enabling pupils to know more and remember more over time. Knowledge organisers, regular reading homework and keyword starter activities at KS3 aim to broaden pupil’s vocabulary and ensure progression in writing, with a particular focus upon improving extended responses.

Through regular access to practical opportunities, we will enable students to develop the skills required to interpret and analyse experimental data with confidence and precision. Required Practical content will be introduced at KS3 with the completion of Apparatus and Technique practical assessments and then embedded at KS4 through the completion of the Required Practicals.


We strive to deliver a curriculum that allows our students to make outstanding progress relative to their starting points on entry to Rainford.  We believe that the Science curriculum will enhance our students’ knowledge and understanding of the subject, thereby enabling them to achieve high standards of progress and attainment in their GCSE and A-Level examinations.

Students will leave the Science department with a Science education that not only equips them with all of the necessary skills to apply their own learning outside of a school laboratory but also inspires them to develop an interest regarding scientific issues in their everyday lives.

Possible careers and opportunities

By studying science a wide range of careers will be available to you such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, nursing, pharmacy and research. By studying science you will also develop problem solving skills, understanding the world around you and appreciate how science can shape the development of technology.


Science (S block) 5 classrooms, 5 fully equipped laboratories.


Revision sessions are available for Year 11 and sixth form classes throughout the year.


Year 8 trip to Eden Project, Sixth Form trips to Bodies exhibit, CERN, Science Live, GCSE trip to Science Live.

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