Update on the Reopening of Rainford High

Dear Parent/Carer

As you will be aware there is considerable speculation about Y10 and Y12 students returning to school for face to face sessions from the start of June after the Prime Ministers announcement earlier this week. At present we are looking at all the guidance and formulating an approach that will make the return of more students and staff to Rainford High both safe and sustainable.

The next few weeks will clearly be challenging but I can assure you all that we will take things slowly and consider each small step so that students, parents and staff are comfortable with moving forward.

Over the next week I will come back to you with our  proposed plan and the processes we will have in place that will support a safe return to school. The schools intention is to work with all parties to find a sensible and safe approach to bringing  Y10 and Y12 students into school before the end of the summer term.

Can I thank everyone for your support with the online learning that we are continuing to develop and refine. It would appear students in Years 7 , 8 and 9 will not return to school before September. We are working very hard to improve how students will be able to engage in their remote learning with teachers over the next half term so this experience improves as I suspect this will make up an element of student’s study for a significant period of time.

No one is underestimating people’s concerns or worries. As we look to move towards a new normal the one fact is that we will have to move however slowly towards it and working together will ensure this happens for everyone’s benefit.

Kind regards

Ian Young