GCSE Results Day 12th August 2021

Dear Parents/Carers –

We at Rainford hope you and your children are well and have been able to enjoy the summer so far. Our Y11 and Y13 students have had a very difficult time in their studies and we know how challenging it proved for many of them. Their resilience and maturity of approach will stand them in good stead in the years to come.

GCSE Results Day will take place on Thursday 12th August and the school building will be open from 8:30am for students to collect their results.We would ask that all parents and students attending the Results Day take a lataral flow test prior to arrival. They will not be able to collect results before this time. If students cannot collect results in person they can be collected by a 3rd party by prior written permission with the 3rd party bringing identification that matches the name of the person in the written permission.

Students will also be able to collect their hoodies on this day, have photographs taken in front of the 2021 flower wall and meet friends they may not have seen since the Prom.

Should your child have achieved the grades they need to enrol onto the Sixth Form courses they have indicated to us, then they will simply need to confirm these choices with a member of staff on the day when they enrol and collect a Welcome Pack. This will take place in the canteen area of school. If students wish to make changes then they will need to discuss these choices before enrolling and collecting their pack.

If students don’t achieve the required grades to study the courses they would like, please be reassured that members of the 6th Form team and Heads of Dept will be available to discuss these issues further and we will try to accommodate individual cases where possible. These discussions will be managed in the canteen area also, and parents can attend to support these discussions if they should choose to do so.

A representative from Careers Connect will be available for careers advice and guidance as well as a representative from the National Apprenticeship Service to support students who change their mind about going to Sixth Form or are more interested in an Apprenticeship.

If your child would like to sit examinations in the Autumn series to try and improve their grades, please contact our Examinations Officer Mrs Ranson at r.ranson@rainford.org.uk before 3rd October.

Finally, we acknowledge that not all students will join us in the Sixth Form so if on Results Day your child chooses to go elsewhere then all the staff at Rainford High wish them the very best in their futures. If your child does decide to stay in the Sixth form then we look forward to welcoming them into Y12 on 6th  September.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, wish you well for the summer between now and then, and look forward to seeing you on Thursday 12th August.

Yours faithfully
Ian Murphy