Girls Football Team are St Helens Champions!

On Wednesday 8th March, Rainford’s year 9/10girls football team were crowned champions of the St Helens Schools Cup after demolishing Rainhill High School 6-1. What a way to celebrate International Women’s Day! 

During the first half, the girls played jaw-dropping, magnificent football. Unfortunately, the first goal – scored by Amelie Waine (player of the match) – was called offside. Not to worry, only minutes later Jess Lightfoot produced her magic and put Rainford 1-0 up. Following that, Sophie Cohen put a bullet in the top corner, from the edge of the box. The crowd went wild! The goals kept coming – Jess Lightfoot earned herself 3 more: one was precisely placed bottom left corner, another was the result of her skilful footwork and her third was a graceful finish. Rainhill had their chances but were unsuccessful thanks to Rainford’s solid, trustworthy defence. The first half finished 5-0. 

After conceding early in the second half, Rainford responded in the Rainford High way – with determination and resilience. Despite having the lead, the girls were hungry for more. They fought for every ball, every header and put their bodies on the line against every opposing shot. Their hard work paid off when Zoe Brownbill scored the winning goal sealing the deal for Rainford’s well-deserved title – Champions of St Helens.   

Written by: Izzy Sherwood.