-History Homework

Year 7

7.1 Origins of Britons (PDF ORIGINAL)
7.2 The Bayeux Tapestry (PDF ORIGINAL)
7.3 Prince Charles (PDF ORIGINAL)
7.4 The Crusades Article
7.5 Magna Carta (PDF Original)
7.6 Henry VIII involvement in Ireland Article
7.7 Was Ivan the Terrible so Terrible
7.8 The Reformation (PDF ORIGINAL)
7.9 Two tales of Black Tudors (PDF original)
7.10 Who was Cleopatra
7.11 Monarchy (PDF ORIGINAL)
7.12 The battle over the memory of the Spanish Civil War

Year 8

8.1 Modern Factory Conditions (PDF ORIGINAL)
8.2 Mining in China
8.3 Trade Unions (PDF ORIGINALS)
8.4 Women in Afghanistan
8.5 Slavery Compensation (PDF ORIGINAL)
8.6 Legacy of Slavery (PDF ORIGINAL)
8.7 British Culture in the World (PDF ORIGINAL)
8.8 Modern Monarchy
8.9 Rainford and Liverpool Pals
8.10 Chemical Weapons (PDF ORIGINAL)
8.11 The Russian Revolution
8.12 Soldiers of the Empire 

Year 9

9.1 The Battle of Cable Street
9.2 Bombing of Dresden
9.3 West Ham Anti-Semitism (PDF ORIGINAL)
9.4 Accountant of Auschwitz (PDF ORIGINAL)
9.5 Nuclear Weapons (PDF ORIGINAL)
9.6 The Hungarian Rising
9.7 Famous walls in History – The Great Wall of China
9.8 Bay of Pigs Invasion
9.10 The Korean War Article
9.12 Vietnam War article