Multi Academy Trust

Rainford High School is part of the Everyone Matters Schools Trust.

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St Helens
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Everyone Matters Schools Trust Learning Together

Excellence for all through learning and partnership.

The key values of Everyone Matters Schools Trust are:

  • Excellence of Care, Excellence of Experience and Excellence of Outcome
  • Our Ethos of ‘Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds’ applies to everyone in our Trust community

We are committed to:

  • the pursuit of excellence in all that we do
  • providing a broad education designed to enable every young person to achieve their full potential and make the most of their talents
  • providing a calm, purposeful atmosphere where young people are cared for and able to learn with confidence
  • creating a healthy, happy, disciplined and supportive environment which promotes an independent work ethic and a love of learning
  • engendering respect for individuality and difference so that all will feel secure and equally valued
  • nurturing a sense of social responsibility and spiritual and personal development;
  • fostering integrity, confidence, resilience, creativity, good manners and sensitivity to the needs of others.
  • Our primary aim is for each young person to be both courageous and caring, resilient and determined as they strive for excellence, an active and well-rounded citizen with deep
    integrity, one who respects others and contributes positively to society.

We will achieve this with partners by:

  • Learning and working together
  • Identifying and sharing best practice. The key to improving is to identify and address the things we need to do better and doing them more consistently for the benefit of all.
  • The aim of the Everyone Matters Schools Trust is to support all academies to grow to be greater than the sum of its parts by learning and collaborating from one another.
  • To succeed partnership must be genuine and open with the focus being on excellence of education for all.


In terms of support the Everyone Matters Schools Trust has a team of leaders and SLE’s across the curriculum that can support school improvement and development effectively. Rainford High is the lead secondary partner for North West Maths Hub 3 and St Helens’ Teaching Schools Alliance. We also have access to other NLEs, SLEs and a wide range of experienced professionals that allow us to be flexible in our support to ensure rapid improvement.

We have a access to key professionals beyond teaching and learning who can support in the field of pastoral support, safeguarding, finance, HR and Health and Safety, Marketing, communication and Governance as well as data management and IT.