Saints Christmas Sessions

Dear Secondary School;

As part of the councils HAF program, Saints are running FREE Christmas sessions for children eligible for free school meals and their families.

We are running 2 sessions at the Totally Wicked Stadium on Thursday 23rd December, where whole families (who have children eligible for FSMs) can attend together;

Totally Wicked Stadium Thursday 23rd December;

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

We also have sessions on the 20-22nd December at The Shining Lights Centre and Broad Oak Community Primary School;

The Shining Lights Centre;

Morning Sessions

Afternoon Sessions

Broad Oak Community Primary School;

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Lastly we are also running a Baby and Toddler Christmas Party, £3 per child at the Shining Lights Centre in Sutton Manor which may be of interest to some of your families/staff with younger ones;

Baby and Toddler Christmas Party

Kind Regards,

Jenny Welsby

Lead Community Rugby League Coach